The Best UK Cities to Make Your Hotel Reservation In (That Aren’t London)

The UK consistently ranks among the most popular countries in the world for tourist visits. In figures published by the United Nations World Tourism Organisation, the UK ranked as the sixth most popular tourist destination in 2010, with 28.13 million tourists entering the country during the year.

If you’re thinking of visiting the UK for the first time, it’s likely your first and perhaps only hotel reservation will be in London – after all, it is famous throughout the world for its tourist-friendly sights and attractions. However, there are many cities in the UK that arguably have as much to offer,

once you look beneath the glamorous veneer.

Here are three of the best under-appreciated British cities to make your hotel reservation:


The UK’s third largest city after London and Birmingham, Manchester is full to the brim with hip swagger and a rich industrial history. In the UK, it’s mostly famous for two things: its music and its football. This makes Manchester the perfect place to make your hotel reservation for those wanting to soak in some musical magic or visit some of the most famous sights in world football.

Manchester also boasts notoriously good nightlife, and it was once home to the famous Hacienda nightclub. Make your hotel reservation in the city centre and you’ll be surrounded by some of the best clubs, pubs and bars in the whole of Europe.


If you’re a cultured sort, consider heading up to Scotland’s capital. Edinburgh is full of incredible examples of historical architecture, not least the incredible, dominating presence of Edinburgh castle, which perches on top of an extinct volcano.

Edinburgh could arguably be considered the cultural centre of the UK today. It is renowned for its busy events calendar – from the Hogmanay New Year celebrations to the famous Edinburgh Fringe Festival which plays host to hundreds of theatre and comedy performances from prominent names and up-and-coming artists alike. The festival is one of the most exciting events in the UK’s annual calendar, and presents an excellent opportunity to make your hotel reservation in the heart of Scotland.

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