A Quiet Corner of Ireland

Dundalk is a medium sized town situated in the North East of Ireland. It’s name is taken from the Irish words Dun Dealgan which translates to ‘Dalgan’s stronghold’ and has been the gateway town between Dublin and Belfast for many centuries.

This quaint town in Co. Louth has been inhabited since 3500 BC, when the first Neolithic farmers arrived on the island of Ireland. The population is roughly around 35,000 with an area of approximately 25km squared. The modern layout of the town of Dundalk can be credited to Lord Limerick who was responsible for the development of the main streets of the town back in the seventeenth century. His inspiration for the main streets in the town centre came from his many travels to Europe.

Not only was he responsible for the demolition of historic walls and castles within the town but Lord Limerick was also in charge of putting together the plans for the new roads on the principal streets along Dundalk’s main trading areas. The most crucial road he laid down made a connection between Market Square, which still remains today, all the way down to the artillery barracks (now Aiken Barracks) which also remains today and is where some of the hotels in Dundalk are now found.

Not only is Dundalk steeped in history but it also renowned for its local football club Dundalk FC, nicknamed the Lilywhites. This team participates in the Airtricity League which is Ireland’s semi-professional soccer league and the Lilywhites play their games at Oriel Park on the Carrick Road, Dundalk. The average gate at these games can range from 2,000-4,000 people and the shouts of excitement can be heard throughout the town on match day.

Dundalk has a proud history of distillery with the Harp Brewery also on the Carrick Road in Dundalk. Nowadays the number of staff within the business is less than a hundred but in the latter end of the 21st century, Harp employed a large population of the Dundalk area.

Famous people who hail from Dundalk, Co. Louth are Steven Staunton former Ireland soccer manager, also know as ‘The Gaffer’ and world renowned band The Corrs, who have sold millions of albums throughout the world. The drummer from the Corrs, Jim Corr has since been better known for his conspiracy theories and has appeared on many national TV programmes trying to spread the word on 9/11 conspiracies as well as economic malpractice theories.

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