Enjoy Wilderness of Corbett Park With Deluxe Accommodation

Named after Jim Corbett-a famous hunter, Jim Corbett National Park is among India’s oldest national parks. Every year, it attracts a huge number of tourists from national as well as international vicinity. Popular inhabitants of the park include tigers, leopards, crocodiles, elephants, wild boars, spotted deer and truly beautiful and unique chirping birds. While on tour to this great park, do ensure to have ultimate accommodation to add grace and comfort to your trip.

Famous Corbett Resorts

Here, we have discussed about the top notch Corbett hotels and amenities available there. Read about them and spend your dream vacation the way you wanted it to be.

Camp Riverwild

It is a perfect choice for vacationers due to many reasons. First and foremost is its location. Located in Jim Corbett Park, it offers excellent views from its well designed suites. Next is its luxurious services provided to the tourists staying here. Adding to this are the services available at the resort, which cover round the clock room service, telephone, Internet, pool, spa and many more. With countless facilities, Camp Riverwild is considered to be among most luxurious and comfortable resorts in and around Corbett.

Pine Tree Village Resort

Situated near Corbett Park, Pine Tree Village Resort offers village like environments along with fulfilling all comfort requirements of tourists. Visitors who want to experience village lifestyle in a truly appealing manner will find it a perfect place to stay during their visit to the Park. With all amenities even within a village set up, staying at Pine Tree Village Resort definitely comes up as a memorable experience for tourists. In amenities, it has 12 rooms divided into luxury mud huts and cottages, air conditioned rooms, television, telephones, excellent room service, fire camp activities and so on.

Tarangi Resort and Spa

Tarangi Resort and Spa is an awesome resort with 21 luxury fully furnished and decorated rooms. It is a combination of simplicity with elegance. Major amenities include air conditioners, dining room, spa, airport pick up, restaurant, pool, etc.

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