Northern Ireland Hotels

No one can out-do the Irish when it comes to hospitality and their luxury hotel hospitality must be experienced first-hand to be fully appreciated. There is a stunning array of choices, so travelers considering Northern Ireland accommodations need to discover the amenities that are their particular “cup of tea.”

One cannot go wrong staying at the handsome Everglades Hotel. Located on the banks of River Foyle in Derry, it offers views of the river and the gorgeous nearby Donegal Hills. From here, one might explore the 17th century walled city of Derry.

The Everglades provides 64 deluxe, spacious, elegantly furnished rooms and suites, with a golf course right next door.

In Belfast, a favorite luxury hotel is Ten Square. With 22 rooms, this chic boutique-style hotel is a favorite of both locals and celebrities. Right in the center of things so all your Belfast sightseeing is close at hand, the Ten Square has a decidedly modern flair.

At the opposite end of the spectrum from contemporary to classic is awe-inspiring Culloden Estate. Built on the slopes of the Hollywood hills, it overlooks Belfast Lough and the County Antrim coast. Situated on 12 acres of elaborate and breath-taking private gardens and woodlands, it is secluded while at the same time near the center of Belfast. It offers 105 bedroom suites, eleven self-catering apartments, and six private banquet suites.

Castle-like, it was built in 1876. In 1967 it was purchased by the Hastings Hotels Group and converted into the excellent luxury residence that it is today. In 1996, the Culloden Estate was the first Northern Ireland hotel to be granted 5 start status, and is a member of the “Small Luxury Hotels of the World,” exclusive organization.

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