5 Star Hotel in Danang – Prepare to Be Treated Like a King and Queen

When you come and visit Danang in your Vietnam Tours, it is quite amazing to receive 5-Star Treatment on one of the newest and best hotel in town. Of the 80 hotels available to serve you in Danang, one hotel villa stands out from the rest because you will be treated like a star once you come and visit.

The top 1 luxury hotel in Danang that was voted online by foreign tourist visitors this year is Fusion Maia Resort. When these holiday makers visited Danang on their best Vietnam Tours package, they make the right decision of staying on this fabulous all pool villa resort.

Your villa will be private as it have brick walls covered in luscious green climbing ornamental plants. The best part is your very own private pool adjacent to the bath and shower room. If your pool have a fantastic view of the villa patio, your shower room and sunken granite bath have a fantastic view of the pool outside as they have glass walls all over. You don’t have to worry about privacy as you will have the pool villa all to yourself.

Your villa will also have its own spacious living room that have a very modern and elegant look. You might choose to lounge on the living room to rest your body from a perfect day of sightseeing and swimming or you could go directly to your sleeping room featuring a fantastic king-size bed which is very comfortable. The 5-star amenities of these private pool villas is so great for relaxation and is the best place to spend your honeymoon or wedding anniversary. They would in fact give you a gift honeymoon cake or anniversary cake if you visit them because you are celebrating that occasion on your best Vietnam Tours.

The grounds of the hotel is perfectly landscaped, with abundant green plants and tall palm trees everywhere. You can also marvel at the colorful floating flowers on the pond and appreciate the clean surroundings.

Food is excellent as they serve a banquet fit for a king and queen such as you are. You can enjoy your best Vietnam cuisine on this exciting Vietnam Tours by ordering room service or savor your breakfast buffet at the main restaurant.

But not only are you going to be provided a food menu, a spa menu is also available. An aroma therapy bath and massage is very soothing to your body and so relaxing you will be coming back for more. The bath treatment is extraordinary! Lie gently on a bath full of beautiful and fragrant flowers and aromatic oils burning like candle light all around you. Breathe in the aromatic fragrance of the spa treatment and be transported to wonder land as you release your body tension and soothe your nerves.

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