Visit Popular Beaches During Your Stay in Mumbai

Mumbai was formed when the seven scattered islands on the western coast of India came together. Centuries have passed since the formation of the city but the beaches still fascinate the Mumbaikars big time. And why alone Mumbaikars; travelers from different parts of the country are crazy after Mumbai beaches. Anyone traveling to the city of Mumbai must visit at least one of the beaches mentioned below.

1. Chowpatty – Having so many Bollywood songs based on it, Chowpatty is one of the most popular beaches in Mumbai. This beach located near Marine Drive remains crowded throughout the day especially during holidays and weekends. While roaming at the beach, travelers can enjoy chilly breeze and company of hundreds of Mumbaikars. The beach is literally flooded with vendors selling panipuri and bhelpuri and you can enjoy all these delicacies in open air.

2. Juhu Beach – Having a desire to meet Bollywood celebrities, many of the travelers visit Juhu. Juhu is one of the most affluent areas of Mumbai and you can catch a glimpse of sprawling bungalows while driving through the lanes of Juhu. Apart from celebrities, what lures travelers to visit Juhu is the Juhu Beach. In comparison to other beaches, Juhu Beach is relatively less crowded and you can breathe in some fresh air while enjoying a walk. Visitors who wish to enjoy the scenic beauty of Juhu Beach throughout their stay can consider booking a room in a beach resort near Mumbai.

3. Versova Beach – Were you waiting for us to talk about the fishing community of Mumbai? Well, here we go. Facing the Arabian Sea is the Versova Beach, where Kolis (Mumbai’s largest fishing community) reside. In fact, Fishing is the main occupation of people residing in this area and the sight here is entirely different from the affluent Juhu Beach. This beach is not well-developed yet but still it gives travelers a chance to get an insight into the lives of oldest community of Mumbai.

4. Aksa Beach – If you wish to spend some time in silence listening to the sounds of tides & waves, Aksa Beach is the best place. Situated near Aksa Village at Malad, the beach is a popular vacation spot. The water here is quite clean and some fortunate travelers get to see water animals as well. There are many resorts and luxury hotels in Mumbai and you can consider any of these options for a comfortable stay in the city of entertainment.

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